Finding a great interior designer is just as important as finding a great hairstylist or even a therapist.

Whether you have a full-scale project or just a small change that you want to make, its important to find an interior designer that understands your vision and who you enjoy working with.

ONE// There are two ways to start your search: online or word of mouth. I recommend utilizing both. Start your search online to find all of the options in your area. Begin sorting through them by looking at online reviews, some of which can even be found on their Facebook page. Make sure you don’t ignore a designer’s social media accounts and website, as they are great places to see their talent and get a sense of their style. When you’ve narrowed down the choices to a hangful you can see if anyone you know has worked with them. Word of mouth means that someone you know and trust loved working with someone, so there is a decent chance that you will too.

TWO// Set up a phone call, or better yet an in-person meeting, with a few potential designers. This is your opportunity to check out their “vibe” as well as ask a lot of questions. The designer may ask you about the space you’re wanting to change, your design inspiration, and the potential scope of work (aka what you actually want them to do). The designer should be prepared to answer questions about their experience, how they work, and previous jobs. It is absolutely okay to ask for references, and you should absolutely call them.

THREE// Once you’ve found an interior designer its time to seal the deal. Each designer will provide you with a contract that will include the scope of work and the rate they charge. For some projects and designers the rate is hourly, while for others it is per project. Oftentimes designers get great deals on products from companies. While they generally charge a small markup, you will still get a great deal on furniture, textiles, and other products your interior designer purchases on your behalf. Unexpected things have a way of happening in any project. An experienced interior designer will communicate with you early on about any set backs and changes and make sure you are always feeling great about the project moving forward.

I hope this helps you on your search for an interior designer. What are some of the characteristics you love about your designer?