What are you thankful for?

This week, along with being thankful for all of you beautiful people reading this blog, I am thankful for the opportunity to bring family and friends together for a meal and some “togetherness” time. Our lives are so fast-paced and digital that we rarely get (or take) the chance to sit down, catch up, and really look at each other.

For me, any time I have guests over is an opportunity for celebration and I love to go all out. There are many approaches to making a beautiful and festive tablescape, but for me its all about simple and elegant touches.

ONE// Center field

You know how in a football game the most important player goes in the middle? Well, its the same for your Thanksgiving, except your most important player is the turkey. While it certainly speaks for itself, don’t be afraid to make the serving platter as pretty as possible.

TWO// All pumpkins to the table

Remember in my other post when I talked about recycling your Halloween decor to use in November? Well now is the time! Pick a color scheme and paint your pumpkins to add that little something extra to your table.

THREE// Thankful, party of all


It is a Thanksgiving tradition to go around the table sharing what each person is thankful for. While I love the idea of this, it often makes me cringe. I feel a little shy and a whole lot of pressure to be thankful for something original. This year, place a notecard and pencil at each person’s setting and allow them time throughout the meal to write what they are thankful for. Collect them all in a bowl, mix them up, and read them out one by one. Though anonymous, it will allow the table to share all of the things they are collectively grateful for this year, without putting anyone on the spot.

What little touches will you add to your Thanksgiving table this year?