While many own their own homes, a lot of people still rent.

Renting a home or apartment gives one more flexibility, with an easier ability to move when needed. For many, especially Millenials, it is also the most financially viable option. However, renting does come with restrictions and it is often harder to make the house feel like a home. While you can’t knock down walls or put up whichever wallpaper you like, it is possible to add a lot of personal touches to a rented space to truly make it your own. And while its tempting to think, “I’ll just decorate when I own”, the reality is you could find yourself living for years in an apartment with bare walls. And lets face it–that’s just no fun.

In the spirit of New Years, here are some resolutions for renters in 2018:

Invest in furniture

Having antique or solid wood furniture may be a burden when moving from apartment to apartment. Different home sizes and layouts can often make moving with your current furniture tricky. But no one over the age of 19 should be forced to have a futon for a couch, even if they rent. Invest in things you will use often: a nice couch, a good mattress, that funky chair. Everything else can be be a little trendier and inexpensive. Places like Ikea and Target have great lamps, end tables, and other apartment accoutrements that won’t break the bank and so you won’t feel bad about getting rid of them when you move.

Frame your art

Art on the wall makes a huge difference in an apartment–it really seems to upgrade the space. After college, you’re probably too old for posters held up by blue tape. (And if you do still want to have those One Direction posters up, at least frame them). Art.com is a great site to get relatively inexpensive prints from some of your favorite artists. Its an easy way to experiment with what style you like. They can frame and ship, or you can get things framed easily at Michaels (just make sure you order a standard size print). You can also order from Etsy for one-of-a-kind prints that support local artisans.

Keep your friends close

The Everygirl NYC Fizz 56 Apartment Shoot by Michelle Lange Photographer

In this digital age, actual photographs are becoming more of a rarity. Probably the easiest way to give a house a homey feeling is to put up pictures of friends and family. Mis and match frames create an eclectic feel. I love the idea of creating a mural wall that mixes fun prints and postcards with more personal pictures.

Home is where the heart is

The thing that truly makes a house a home are the memories made there. If you have some special memories from your home growing up, like Grandma’s cooking baking int the oven, bring it into your rented space by baking those cookies. And don’t forget to make new memories in your rented space! Even the smallest of apartments can accommodate a cosy dinner party. And don’t forget-every experience is an opportunity to get more photos for those frames.