A friend of mine was recently telling me all about life in Miami.

It is truly the city that never seems to sleep, with parties happening on the beach and in clubs every night of the week until the wee hours. While the fashion style there is over-the-top, extra extra, and anything goes, the style inside the luxe and lavish apartments is decidedly more minimal.

While the modern Miami style could cost a pretty penny (we’re talking $20,000 Italian leather couches), modern and minimal chic is easy to find for less astronomical prices. And while I love the clean modernity of this look, it can at time seem a bit stark and uncomfortable. Mix in some classics with the contemporary pieces to create a warmer and homier feel, with the modern aesthetic.

Some highlights of the Miami Modern style to look for when shopping:

Monochrome with a pop of color – you’ll see a lot of cream marble floors layered with cream rugs and cream couches. Add to that a pop of color in artwork or pillows, which create more dimensions in the room and draw attention to the space.

Lower is better – in the Miami Modern style you will see a lot of low couches and chairs, which draw a stark contrast to the super high ceilings found in most penthouse apartments.

Art…and furniture as art? – many homes will feature armchairs that, quite frankly, don’t look that comfortable to sit on. While these may not seem like the practical choice, they make for excellent art pieces. Another thing that will stand out is the art. People spend millions of dollars on colorful pieces that will be the talk of the next dinner party.

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