It occurred to me as I was doing some admin work this weekend that I spend so much time on my laptop yet it has the most boring design of anything I use around my house.

This prompted me to head to the interwebs to see what was available and interested in the world of laptop aesthetics.

Here are 5 of my favorite laptop design accessories:

The choice that allows for most creativity is the use of stickers. While I don’t like the thought of what this does to my laptop’s resale value, I can totally get on board with placing the stickers without removing the backing underneath a clear laptop case. You can change them around to match your mood or the season.

This laptop skin is both minimalistic and abstract, not to mention really beautiful. Laptop skins are available in many different patterns and designs, and often are removable without leaving any residue.

I also really love this laptop skin, which get’s my inner artist flowing. You can easily DIY this design by taking a piece of watercolor paper and painting your own design (or letting your kids paint something). Wait for it to dry then spray with sealant if you are worried about color bleed. Otherwise, place it under a clear laptop case for a completely unique, hand-painted laptop design.

This laptop case looks like a book! Once strapped in, your laptop will be safe from any accidental drops or bangs. Such a cool idea for book lovers.

We’ve already covered in previous posts that I love marble, right? This is just a classy cover for your laptop, that also just so happens to work great for an Instagram post.

What do you have on your laptop?