While most of the world is still covered in snow, it is technically almost spring.

And as spring draws ever nearer, I start to become more and more inspired by the colors of nature reemerging from their winter slumber. I love the various shades of green that can be seen in the nature surrounding my town, but it is not a shade that I often hear clients requesting for inside their homes.

If green is off-putting to you, it is probably because you haven’t found the right shade of it. It spans the spectrum from dark emerald jewel tones to soft, swirly jade. It is a color that has only come back into fashion about a year and a half ago, spurned on by the jungalow aesthetic. It seems that everyone wants to get back to nature these days, even if it is from the center of their NYC apartment.

While green walls and wall treatments are not for everyone, its easily possible to incorporate shades of green more subtly and with a stylish flair. Integrating furniture and accessories means you can enjoy this trend and then mix-and-match it as your tastes, or the style-du-jour, changes.

These images really get me inspired, and are sure to have you reconsidering adding a little green to your life: