With the weather plummeting all around the country, many people are stuck inside.

What better to do when there’s nothing better to do than watch a bit of television? On those rare occasions when I do submit to the glow of the small screen, I find myself drawn to channels like HGTV and the variety of design and home shows that are found there.

These are some of my favorite design shows:

Love it or List It

The premise of this show is that homeowners have some gripes about their current home. Interior Designer, Hilary Farr, sees what changes she can make to the house in order to solve the complaints, while realtor, David Visentin, attempts to find the owners a brand new house that fits all of their needs. I love seeing how some creative thinking and interior design can come together to solve what are sometimes very uncomfortable living situations. In many situations the renovation does the trick and the homeowners choose to stay in their own house.


Fixer Upper

How can you not love Chip and Joanna Gaines? They really are so sweet. On this show, they help couples purchase and renovate a home. I love seeing the creativity put in and how a house really turns into a home when you add design.

Property Brothers

Twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help perspective homeowners find an renovate their dream homes under a tight budget. Most of the places they find are real dumps in the beginning and are completely transformed throughout the course of an episode. It really shows that nothing is an impossibility when it comes to the world of design.


Honorable Mention: Holmes on Homes

Host Mike Holmes is a contractor who helps homeowners when they have had disastrous experiences with contractors and building crews. He is so compassionate to the situations these homeowners are in and is able to provide a great solution. I constantly am amazed at the information he shares about how to build correctly. Although the show is no longer airing new episodes, I still enjoy tuning into the reruns.

What design show do you enjoy watching?