One of the best remedies for stress is to go out in nature.

Getting away from the pollutants and worries of our daily lives, whether in the city or suburbs, is a must-do. With kids, work, and other responsibilities it can make it hard to truly get away. The good news is that there are ways to bring the benefits of nature into your home and achieve a little more peace, tranquility, and good air.

The best plants to have in your house:

ONE// Aloe Plant

Aloe plants have a variety of benefits. The gel found inside them has incredible healing properties, helpful with everything from minor cuts and burns, to acne. Additionally, the plant is helpful in purifying the air and can alert you if the air quality of your home is really poor.

TWO// Snake Plant

This plant has long, sword-like leaves with a lighter, golden point. Snake plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night (as opposed to most other plants) so they are great to have in the bedroom.

THREE// Herbs

Growing herbs at home is fairly simple and can add many flavors and health benefits to your cooking.


Having any plant or flower in your home is such a wonderful addition to furniture and decor accessories. In addition to the three beautiful and helpful plants above, I encourage you to find creative ways to bring greenery into your home.