Whether you are digging into your New Years Resolutions or just wanting to make a few changes to a room in your house, pulling out the tarps and paint brushes can be an overwhelming and expensive endeavor.

Paint can be expensive and really hard to change if you don’t end up liking it or have grown out of it. Not to mention, if you are a renter it can just be too much of a hassle (if your landlord allows it at all). As I’ve mentioned before, subtle changes can make a big impact, which is why I love wallpaper and wall decals.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: wallpaper comes with noxious glue and is a very difficult thing to both install and remove. Not anymore! Brands like Tempaper and Chasing Paper have created gorgeous wallpaper designs that are completely, and easily, removed.

With that in mind, here are some of the wallpaper trends for 2018:





Minimalist Decals


Which of these styles would you like to have in your home?