The worst part of Halloween is when it’s over.

It seems like there is so much excitement and preparation for what really is one evening’s-worth of holiday. Even the shops have moved on to Christmas before we’ve even finished trick-or-treating. I know I’m not the only one that is really sad about having to take my Halloween decorations down. And perhaps I’m trying to figure out how inappropriate it would be to leave Halloween up right till Christmastime.

Thankfully there is a holiday in between that helps us transition smoothly from our spooky fall fest into the cozier winter holidays: Thanksgiving. Many of the same elements we loved for Halloween can either be left up or modified slightly to help our homes and spirits prepare for Turkey Day.

Here are some easy ways to create a smooth transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving:

ONE// Leave up those pumpkins

Thankfully Thanksgiving is all about the pumpkins. So while our carved Jack-o-Lanterns may not be safe (let’s face it, they are probably starting to rot), the theme of pumpkins can be extended for a whole month yet. If you have gone for a classier and minimalist feel, you can reorganize those same pumpkins into a more appropriate harvest centerpiece.

TWO// Slowly introduce the cozy elements

Thanksgiving is certainly a cozy holiday, in which families come together to feast and be thankful. There is nothing cozier than candles, and the good news is that your pumpkin spice favorites are still perfect! Transition from early fall scents into cozier, late fall/winter scents by adding elements of pine to your candlescapes (whether through pine cones or pine-scented candles).

THREE// Chalk it up

A little bit of bunting goes a long way! With chalkboard paper bunting you can easily transition from one holiday to another. Add leaves or create a garland that looks like pieces of pumpkin pie. It is so easy but adds a fun touch.

I hope these ideas help you create a smooth and cozy transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving. For more ideas, head over to our Instagram.