Table set for Seder

Passover is a time to bring family and friends together in celebration of freedom.

There are many traditional elements to this holiday table. The three matzahs (unleavened bread), the different symbolic elements, and the four glasses of wine all find their place on our table year after year. But like any holiday, Passover is a perfect time to get creative and add those extra special touches to your table that your guests will remember for years to come.

Here are some creative approaches to the Passover table:

Seder table setting #Passover

Taking the parting of the sea from Egypt to your table. Layer table linens to create a unique effect.


Such a pretty tablescape.

Pick a color pallet with a few accent colors (here it is blue and purple, with a splash of green). Mixing and matching patterns is a modern and fun way to spruce up your table.


For a big table with lots of guests, this long chalkboard Seder plate is perfect so everyone can see what’s going on.

Use found ingredients in unique ways. In this case, matzah is used to line the vase to tie in the Passover look.


Ways To Make Your Seder Table Wow | Chai & Home

For a simple and classic aesthetic, use elements from nature.


Wow, Jessica Claire blows my mind with this twist on a traditional Passover Seder. Enter the Bento Box! Compartmentalize your Pesach dinner and even serve up chopsticks for some extra fun.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Here we have a Japanese take on traditional Seder table.


What unique elements will you be adding to your Passover table this year?