Once the kids have gone to bed post Trick-or-Treating, it is time for the adults to enjoy some Halloween fun.

Adult Halloween parties have some similar elements to the kid versions: costumes, delicious treats, and some spooky elements. But forget bobbing for apples–this year why not throw a classy and elevated Halloween fete that is sure to delight your guests.

ONE// Pick a Theme

This Edward Gorey Halloween theme is not run of the mill by any means.

A good theme goes a long way in setting the tone to your party. From costume suggestions to the food served, a theme can really help tie everything together. There are classic Halloween themes like Zombies or Vampire Lair. Or, go the Hollywood route with an Addams Family or Hocus Pocus theme. Feel free to get creative.

TWO// Decorate

Easy to find items, like a tomato cage and grass hula skirts, set the scene as Cousin It for an Addams Family themed party.

Apply the theme to all senses. Consider sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. Your For example, your Addams Family party would have tall black candles, dimmed lighting, and food that looks like roadkill (but is actually something delicious). Light candles that smell like deep incense and herbs. Costumes would be dramatic and a bit gothic. Whereas your Zombie theme could be more futuristic and a little messy. Consider different textures and layers to your decor to really set the scene.

THREE// Leave a Favorable Impression

Even mini bottles of your favorite spirits can be dressed up with some twine and a distressed gift tag to fit the favor to the theme.

What is Halloween without treats? Give your guests a way to remember the fun time they had with a treat to take home. Halloween allows you the opportunity to be really creative. Think of things that are miniature and easy to transport at the end of the evening. The personal touch is really key here–something homemade will really be memorable.

How will you celebrate Halloween this year?