From succulents to ferns, it seems that “jungalow style” is everywhere.

Natural elements are a great way to incorporate an ecofriendly aesthetic with a lot of DIY opportunities. Inspiration for your next dinner party tablescape is just outside the window.

Start by thinking of what you currently have. Most people usually have at least one set of entertaining dishes, and these are often white. Whatever you have on hand may be incorporated into a beautiful tablescape as long as you use it as the base of your color pallet.

Much like in decorating any space, layering will be key. One of my favorite ways to layer a forest-themed tablescape is to start with a wood charger. Use a large, flat leaf either directly underneath the plate (if your dishes are clear) or peaking off to the side if you have ceramic plates. Use vines of flowers instead of more traditional napkin rings.

Colored dishes are easily incorporated by serving as the backdrop for 3-dimensional table accessories. Use earthier fabrics, like burlaps and linens, mixed with classic dinner party fare, like crystal wine glasses and fine silver, to create a rustic elegant theme for your table. Putting name cards in succulents adds to the charm, and they may be given to the guests afterwards as a party favor.

If you favor a very traditional tablescape, utilizing your grandmother’s fine china or your favorite plates from Ikea, creating a runner from moss will give your table a fresh and unique look.

There are so many ways to be inspired by nature for your next dinner party. Just look out your window–what are you inspired to use?