It’s time to go back to school!

Moms around the country are jumping for joy because it’s time for the kiddos to head back to school and not run around the house all day. Back to school is a great time for design, with binders, folders, and notebooks featuring the cutest designs. Last week we talked about kids rooms that will grow with your child, but how about where they do their homework? Sitting and studying at the kitchen table is no longer the best and only option.

Creating a kid-friendly study space is so important and is as easy as 1-2-3:

ONE// Set aside dedicated space

Children crave stability and the best way to avoid the homework wars is to have a consistent time and place for your child to study. This should be in a quiet spot free from distractions like TV and cooking noises. Their bedroom is ideal for this. If your child is still small and needs a lot of supervision and help whilst doing homework, set aside a dedicated space in your living room or playroom that will feel entirely their own and will clearly be dedicated to homework and other educational pursuits.

TWO// Study in comfort

Now that you have a dedicated space, its important that your child is comfortable while studying. Now, I don’t mean that you set them up with tons of pillows in bed to do homework. If you look on Pinterest, a lot of the inspiration ideas will have just stools for the kids to sit on and no desk lighting. Bad for your kids’ posture and their eyes! Even if it is not the most stylish, make sure your child has a chair that supports their posture and is able to prop them up to the right height (so that they don’t need to reach up or hunch down to write), and that they have a strong desk light illuminating their work. There are some really great designs for these even in places like Target, so you don’t need to sacrifice style for function in this case.

THREE// Supplies and Storage

Storage solutions are just as important in your kid spaces as they are in your own office/desk space. Make sure sharpened pencils (and their best friends, erasers) are always within easy reach, along with crayons, rulers, kid-safe scissors, and anything else your child might need to complete homework or draw a picture. Basically, if it is on your back-to-school shopping list from school it should also be in your desk at home. For teens, have a cool cup with a lid (spillproof is key here) for coffee/hot chocolate during those late night study sessions.

So there you have it-3 steps to a homework space that is guaranteed to get you an “A+” in your kids’ eyes.

What are some of your favorite back to school memories?